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This episode almost didn’t make it out in time. Production got hung up when I got carried away at east of the web.

east of the web is a web site featuring quality short stories, hundreds of them, by new and classic authors. Aside from the top-rated stories and the stories featured on the front-page, the daily channel features a different story every day from the site’s vast library. Or you can have the site select for you a random story.

Stories are arranged by genre: children’s, crime, general fiction, horror, humour, nonfiction, romance, and sci-fi. Within each genre, you can browse stories by rating, author, date, or length, or by subgenre or category.

You can read the stories immediate or put them on your bookshelf for later. And you can read them on-line or print them out or download them to your PDA.

The workshop forum, “short stories uncut” is where writers post their work for critique. There are areas to have general discussions, talk about writing, and compete in writing challenges. There are also a number of writing groups. And there’s the standard forum for market listings.

The site includes a page of teaching materials and a page of story guides and author interviews.

And there’s a page of on-line word games, if you’re not afraid of wasting an hour or ten. I think my favorite is eight letters, a race against the clock to create anagrams of up to 8 letters.


The links for short stories you have given here are very useful, thanks.

Thanks for the comment, Rajiv. I’m glad you find it useful. I frequently use east of the web to find short stories, especially children’s stories to read to my kids.

Thanks also for the link to your blog. Literary analysis is something I’ve been trying to get into. It’s a little different than story analysis, which coincidentally is a point Kate Wilhelm made in Storyteller.


The East of the Web site is still up and running, but the associated short stories uncut workshopping forum closed in March this year. Many of the members formed a new workshopping forum, Critters Bar, and can be found here:

Critters Bar Site Admin

Thanks for the link, Robert.


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