The Center for Interact-a Huh?

This made me laugh so hard, I just had to post it. I was looking at “interactive advertising” via Google. (The reason why is a subject for another post.) And I found the Center for Interactive Advertising. On their web site, right at the top, here’s what they say— But first, a warning: Don’t try to understand this. I don’t actually think it means anything.

The purpose of the Center for Interactive Advertising is to advance knowledge and understanding of advertising and other persuasive communication which involves “mutual action” on the part of senders and receivers of those messages by pursuing a research agenda to examine critical issues related to interactive advertising, computer-mediated communication and electronic commerce.

Yeah, well, for an advertising outfit… I’m sold!

But seriously, if you write like that, you’ll never sell anyone on anything. Your readers’ eyes will glaze over and they’ll go on to read something else. We readers don’t have time, attention, or mental energy to spend on dense gobbledygook like that. If you write like that, punch up your style.



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