A Writers’ Rant by Harlan Ellison

Thanks to C. E. Dorsett for putting me onto this YouTube video, a rant about how professional writers deserve to be paid.

Hee! I so miss Harlan Ellison’s rants. Back in the day, when the SciFi channel actually had programming worth watching, he did a segment on a half-hour SF news show. I watched it regularly. He disgusted my brother. Me too, actually. But I loved it, and I miss it. Ellison’s recommendation put me onto Stanislaw Lem, another of the best science-fiction writers who ever lived.

Okay. Enough reminiscing and fawning, as though I actually like the guy. On to the video:

This video is excerpted from the upcoming (next year) documentary about Harlan Ellison, his career, and his writings, entitled Dreams with Sharp Teeth. (You might want to turn down your speakers before clicking this link, though. I need to do a rant about poorly designed web sites that blast music at you…)



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