Carnival of Storytelling #9

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Now, the most interesting posts in the blogosphere about telling stories…

Review and Analysis

Art and Craft

The Business of Writing

  • If the thought of writing a whole business book is something you just can’t see yourself doing, there is a way you can start on a smaller scale, and still get some of the same benefits for your business. Carol Bentley presents 4 easy steps to authorship.

  • Tiffany Colter, the Writing Career Coach, tells her seat-gripping story, “How I Got Here.” (Click on “Newer Post” at the very bottom of the page to go to each new post. The H.I.G.H. story usually continues in the middle of each post.) Her writing career started in seventh grade, and almost ended in tenth. This hits me where I live, because I could be staring into my own daughter’s future. There’s a lesson here.

  • Amy M presents a short Q&A with novelist Julie L. Cannon. It begins: “As an author you do not have exclusive rights to publish under your own name…” And this part of the story explains why I brand my writing with “J. Timothy King” and not just “Tim King.” I also love her advice to novice writers!

  • Then she gives us An Interview with first-time author Misty Massey. (I love stories from writers in this stage of their careers.)

  • Shamelle tells us of her “Intimate Details Of My Love Affair With Writing.”

Fiction and True Stories

And that is this edition of the Carnival of Storytelling! Feel free to comment here or e-mail me to let me know what you think.

If you would like to host an edition of the Carnival of Storytelling, please let me know.

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4 responses to “Carnival of Storytelling #9”

  1.  Avatar

    There are some great posts here. Thanks for adding mine.

  2. Joely Avatar

    Thanks for the link, Tim! I’m so glad you enjoyed Broken Angel.

  3. Apartment Manager Avatar

    Lots of interesting articles. Very good reads. Another great carnival if you ask me! Thanks for adding my story to the mix. It was quite a terrible experience for me, but I’m glad I can laugh about it now!

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