New Writer’s Tools at Holly Lisle’s Site

Briefly, two new ebooks available at Holly Lisle’s site.

  1. Holly Lisle’s How To Write Page-Turning Scenes AUDIO (MP3) PLUS PDF VERSION – I actually have the How To Write Page-Turning Scenes PDF-only version, and I recommend it, as I do all of Holly’s writer’s tools. Page-Turning Scenes is about conflict: how to find it, how to create it, how to write it, how to get your characters into it—and out of it—with plenty of step-by-step. Conflict is the engine that drives your story forward, and so this is one of the fundamentals that you must have down in order for your writing to work. Therefore, Holly Lisle’s How To Write Page-Turning Scenes is a key resource for any aspiring fiction writer, and a useful checklist for every experienced one.

  2. The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Russia by Irene Galaktionova and Neil Woodhead – This is part of the “33 Worst Mistakes” series, of which I have 3. I bought them to complete my research while writing my last novel. They mostly reassured me that I had gotten all my facts straight, but the “Firearms” volume helped me avoid an embarrassing faux pas that I should’ve known about before, and the one on “Disappearing” helped me rewrite a whole future story-line I was planning. So if you’re planning a story set in Russia or that involves someone from Russia, I highly recommend this ebook—sight unseen—as a cost-effective way to avoid stupid mistakes in your story.

    (Also check out the rest of the “33 Mistakes Writers Make” ebooks.

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