Online Fiction Tuesday #2

I did one of these a long, long time ago. Now that I’ve been trying to post more, in general, on a number of my blogs, I thought I’d try again.

Today, I’d like to start with a short story, posted by Dean Murray on his online fiction site: “Absense,” a story of romance between friends. It starts a little slow, but it ends with a heart-wrenching vividness. The story is about a girl who finds herself falling in love with a boy friend, pained as she feels the friendship slipping away because of changing circumstances.

Of course, maybe this story means something to me because I myself once had my heart broken when I fell in love with a friend. (But read Dean’s story first.)

What do you think of these stories?


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Thanks ever so much for taking the time to both read and review Absence, it’s much appreciated. I’ve been browsing your site recently and some of your points on writing have helped crystallize ideas that have been kicking around my head for a few months.

When I get a few minutes I’ll drop some of them in my ‘Behind the Curtain’ section and direct my readers back to you for some further enlightenment.

Again, thanks and good luck as you start up Abe’s Turn.


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