Literary Rambles: An Interview with Writer-Blogger Casey Mccormick

I was touched by this short interview with Casey Mccormick, the author of Literary Rambles, a blog about writing YA fiction.

The interview went up a month ago at Beth Revis’s blog Writing It Out. In it, Casey talks about her blog and the features she provides through it, including a weekly “Agent Spotlight,” which features profiles of a children’s-fiction agents, including “the genres they represent… known sales and whether or not they’re editorial.”

But what really struck me was what Casey said about what it’s like to be a blogger, especially about how much work it is. This is something I need to occasionally hear, to let me know that I’m not out of my mind. Keeping a blog going really does take a significant, sustained effort.

Click here to read the interview.



One response to “Literary Rambles: An Interview with Writer-Blogger Casey Mccormick”

  1. Casey McCormick Avatar

    Thanks Tim! I’m glad you could relate to that bit about blogging. Like writing, it takes a real measure of time and dedication. Great blog you have here, speaking of!

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