#FridayFlash Favorites (2010/06/08)

Photo © Hugo van Tilborg CC 2.0 BY NC SA

Each Friday, writers post on twitter a link to a short-short story they’ve written, marked with the tag #FridayFlash. I’ve done it before, but last week was the first that I’ve fully participated. That is, I posted my story on the #FridayFlash Collector, I read all the other submissions, and as I went through, I pulled out the ones that particularly impressed me, for this special honor…

#FridayFlash Favorites for June 4

Out of 82 stories posted on the #FridayFlash Collector this week, plus at least 2 not posted on the collector, here are my 7 favorites, listed in no particular order.

Note: To be selected as one of my #FridayFlash Favorites, the post must be a genuine flash story, not a chapter in a longer piece, a series of one-paragraph vignettes, or anything else. It should also be a single scene, because multi-scene flash usually does too much “telling” and doesn’t “show” enough to engage me in the story. While I do browse Twitter for #FridayFlash posts, the best way to get me to read yours—assuming I’ll do this again, which I very much hope to, because I really enjoyed some of the stories posted—is to put it on the #FridayFlash Collector. I judge posted stories according to my own preferences; your mileage may vary.


P.S. Here’s my #FridayFlash story, which I also mentioned in yesterday’s post on writing prompts… my story: The Confidant of Jericho.


Thanks for adding my story to your list Tim! I greatly appreciate you stopping by and reading my work. It is encouraging to hear that you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the fine compliment. I’m glad you enjoyed my story!

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