#FridayFlash Favorites (2010/07/09)

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Yeah, I was supposed to post this three days ago. If you want to read some of the sordid details of why I’m so behind, you can do so over on my personal blog. Posting is likely to be irregular, unfortunately, over the summer, as I’ve taken a software-development contract, because it’ll be nice to have some significant money saved. Even so, I’m still writing, as regularly as I can, and hopefully this week was an anomaly because of the holiday and the personal disruption that threw my life into a tizzy.

Still, better late than never.

Each Friday, writers post on twitter a link to a short-short story they’ve written, marked with the tag #FridayFlash. This week, I posted an old character sketch from about 6 years ago, Abigail White, inspired by a news story I heard on the radio.

Of the rest of the stories that were posted last Friday, here are my…

#FridayFlash Favorites for July 2

Either there are a lot more stories that meet my overly opinionated standards, or else I’m getting soft. (Probably the latter.) Of 110 stories posted last Friday (including the 89 that made it onto the official #FridayFlash Report for July 2), here are my 17 favorites, listed in no particular order.

Note: To be selected as one of my #FridayFlash Favorites, the post must be a genuine flash story, not a chapter in a longer piece, a series of one-paragraph vignettes, or anything else. It should have a beginning (conflict), a middle (thickening), and an end (resolution). Not necessarily a happy ending (though I do enjoy happy endings), but whatever conflict the story introduces at the beginning, it must resolve at the end. No fair building up suspense and then stopping in the middle of the story, just so you don’t have to figure out how to save the hero in 1,000 words or less; that’s cheating. The story should also be a single scene, because multi-scene flash usually does too much “telling” and doesn’t “show” enough to engage me in the story. (And scene divisions stop the flow, which is usually a bad idea in flash.) While I do browse Twitter for #FridayFlash posts, the best way to get me to read yours is to put it on the #FridayFlash Collector. I judge posted stories according to my own preferences; your mileage may vary.

Till next week, and…

Keep writing!


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  2. :'Aussie Denise Avatar

    Thank you for choosing my story as one of your favourites! What a surprise..:)

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