Carnival of Storytelling – April 14, 2011

Welcome to the April 14, 2011 edition of Carnival of Storytelling.

An abbreviated carnival this week. Thanks to everyone who submitted a link at!

No handpicked links today, because it’s tax season, and I’ve gotta finish filing my extension to file.



Maureen O’Danu presents Am I the Only One Dancing?: Fred’s Turn: An Interview of Maureen O’Danu, the Author of the Cat Confederation Stories posted at Am I the Only One Dancing?, saying, “It’s not often a writer gets interviewed by her own inner 14 year old”

Books etc.

(How lonely.)

Art and Craft

Phil Quayle presents Editing, welcome to my nightmare… posted at Ramblings of a grumpy old man, saying, “There is a second part coming when I consume sufficient red wine”

Joel Friedlander presents Find Your Avatar: the Secret to Copy that Connects With Readers — The Book Designer posted at Joel Friedlander.

Jacob D presents 4-Step Quick Character Development posted at The Writer Tank Journal.

Writing Life

Byteful Travel presents How Oneness, Honesty, & Surprise Will Save Earth posted at Byteful Travel, saying, “As a creative individual, what’s your mission? Does the concept of Oneness relate to travel? And why is Oneness important? As a travel writer, it’s my mission to provide you with enlightening new perspectives of this beautiful blue-green planet we call home. It really is a magical place, and too often we forget that as we sit in our man-made above-ground caves as beauty lurks outside. Life is so much more than our routines. It’s about discovery. It’s about growth. It’s about inspiration.”

Fiction and True Stories

Joshua Smith presents Argotte: Gangland posted at The Maelstrom-Spade Collective.

Joseph Charles Campbell presents Magician’s Last Stand – A Short Story posted at Psychedelic Arts and Musings.

Fred Tracy presents Only Respect Authority You Choose to Recognize posted at Personal Development, saying, “This story is about how a small town cop attempted to ruin my night, but actually taught me an important lesson.”

Kenny Hustle presents F*ckin’ Gypsies (adult language) posted at Fun Times, saying, “True story about a wild concert I went to in Hartford, CT.”

Publishing and Marketing

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