Monday Morning #CharacterStory Writing Prompts 2011/06/06

Photo © 2010 Brandon Christopher Warren CC BY-NC 2.0
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  1. A photo: top of this post, which the artist has entitled, “Please Don’t Go.” (Click for a larger view.) Of the photo he says, “This was a shot I took during Alyssa Barajas’ production of a music video for the song ‘Please Don’t Go’ by Barcelona. It was an amazing night, so many emotions and a ton of inspiration in the air. Cali Lowdermilk was the model for the shoot.”
  2. A personality type: ESTP.
  3. A need: the need for alone time.
  4. A quirk: Sleeps on a polyphasic schedule.

Feel free to comment below with a link to your story if you use any of these prompts. (Or even if you don’t.) You can also submit your story to the Carnival of Storytelling, which is posted on Thursdays. And whatever you do…

Keep writing!


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