Carnival of Storytelling – June 9, 2011

Welcome to the June 9, 2011 edition of Carnival of Storytelling.

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Books etc.

Art and Craft

Jacob D presents several articles posted at The Writer Tank Journal:

Writing Life

Donna Cullen presents 10 Reasons to Date a Book Lover posted at Top Dating Sites.

O.C. Heaton presents Do words count? And if they do, should I be counting them? posted at A Rush of Green, saying, “Over the years I have become obsessed with what I have termed my ‘writing statistics.’ I religiously record the amount of words I write and the number of pages that these words equate to.”

O.C. Heaton also presents Are writers all “liars and thieves”?, saying, “Are we? Well, according to Nicholas Hardiment, the serial philanderer and highly successful author in the film Tamara Drewe, we are. After watching the film on Saturday night, I immediately dismissed the incendiary statement. What self-respecting writer wouldn’t? But alas, the words seem to have stuck with me and after five days I have made a U-turn.”

Fiction and True Stories

Publishing and Marketing

Joel Friedlander presents What Niche Marketers Can Learn from Rachel Maddow — The Book Designer posted at Joel Friedlander.


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Hey, thanks for including my post in your carnival. =)

Also, I liked the article Donna Cullen submitted. =) I love books, and a lot of the reasons for dating a book lover remind me of my girlfriend and I.

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