Carnival of Storytelling – September 22, October 18, 2011

Carnival of Storytelling – September 22, October 18, 2011

Welcome to the Carnival of Storytelling.

Now that the summer break is over, to launch a new season, I’m catching up on editions of the Carnival of Storytelling. A lot of great links posted. And more coming up tomorrow and Thursday!

(UPDATE Oct 19: I didn’t understand how worked. After I posted this edition, it recomputed all the outstanding submissions into Thursday’s. So the next edition is on Thursday, and then we’re all caught up.)

Thanks to everyone who submitted a link at And thanks to all the bloggers who posted wonderful articles, which I have hand-picked for the following list. Please browse their blog posts, and share your own favorite posts from across the Internet for the next edition.



J. McManus presents Inside The Book of One Million Men and Me, with Kelly Starling Lyons posted at Inside The Books— One Million Men and Me, a great book for children 5-10, is Kelly’s first picture book but her second children’s book.

Ken Lange presents Writing Habits of Ian Fleming posted at Kenneth Lange— Most people know James Bond, but fewer people know Ian Fleming who wrote the Bond novels, and even fewer know the leisurely, yet effective, habits he followed when writing the novels about the secret agent.

J. McManus presents Inside The Book of The Septavalent Stone, with J.O. Jones posted at Inside The Books— J.O. Jones was born in Nigeria and like others around him he never knew he could be published and that people could read his stories. He just knew he wanted to write, especially after reading Prince Caspian by C S Lewis.

From MyMcBooks… An interview with Jacquitta A. McManus posted at Inside The Books.

Books etc.

kristinlately presents My Journey: Feeling, Healing, and Kneeling My Way to a Better Life: Black and White Insight posted at My Journey: Feeling, Healing, and Kneeling My Way to a Better Life, saying, “Reviews on books that have altered my journey…”

Julie Worthington presents Top 10 Children’s Must Read Classics – No Childhood is Complete Without These Favorites posted at Julie Worthington, saying, “Recommendations on good books to read.”

siobhan curious presents Word Jars and Grocery Lists: “Your Child’s Writing Life” by Pam Allyn posted at Siobhan Curious.

Art and Craft

Sally Apokedak presents Harry Potter, the Orphan posted at Whispers of Dawn ~, saying, “Harry seems like he’d be my kind of orphan— A kid who was abused. A smart, talented kid who was unappreciated. How could anyone read about the awful, narrow-minded, selfish, mean Dursleys and not feel for little Harry who lived in the closet under the stairs and who got a coat hanger and a pair of his uncle’s old socks for his eleventh birthday? And yet, I never think of Harry when I think of favorite characters in books. Why not?” [A discovery in character sympathy. -ed]

Zhu presents All About Blogging: Ten Tips To Be a Better Writer posted at Correr Es Mi Destino, saying, “How hard can writ­ing be? You just have to type what you’re thinking, right? Well, it doesn’t quite work like that, even if your spon­ta­neous thoughts and obser­va­tions can be a good start­ing point. When you’re writ­ing for an audi­ence, a few basic tips apply.”

Writing Life

kristinlately presents Surrendering: Piece for Peace posted at My Journey: Feeling, Healing, and Kneeling My Way to a Better Life, saying, “This article is about how blogging has helped me along my journey.”

Joel Friedlander presents 7 Distraction-Free Writing Environments for Authors — The Book Designer posted at Joel Friedlander.

Nicole Pyles presents Overcoming Fear (and some thoughts from the middle of the night) posted at The World of My Imagination.

Fiction and True Stories

Damilola Amele presents My Encounter With a Nudist posted at DAMI AMELE.

Forrest presents Books always start on the first page. posted at Twisted Yet Magical!, saying, “A brand new Blog that serves as the personal journal for the elvish mage Raze. following him through out his journeys and studies.”

Kayla Allen presents My Dream about Blogging! posted at Young Mothers Diary.

Ken Lange presents Being Skilled is Not Enough posted at Kenneth Lange.

Leah Bulacan presents the alcoholic posted at deranged damsel.

T.L. Mertens presents A Bony Birth posted at Monsters & Mustaches, saying, “The first chapter in a series about a boy born with no skin who slowly discovers that his father was a superhero.”

Leif GS Notae presents Flash Fiction: Omega Recall posted at Leif G.S. Notae— The Omega Series: Conclusion.

RKJ presents Jodie Fostered posted at Attack Bunnies.

Publishing and Marketing

Dragana presents Fantasy or Science Fiction? posted at Mystic Treehouse, saying, “Not writing tips per se, more a reflection on the distinction between the genres of Fantasy and Science Fiction that some beginner writers have trouble with.”

Lindsay presents Authors, Why You Should Start a Newsletter posted at The Irreverent Introvert, saying, “Once you have your first book out, it’s time to get serious about marketing. Here are a few reasons why you should start a newsletter.”

Anna Farmery presents Show – 350 How to Promote your Book posted at The Engaging Brand.

Lindsay B presents How to Get Book Reviews posted at Savvy Self-Publishing, saying, “Tips for getting those first few book reviews at Amazon, from an indie author who’s ‘been there, done that.’”

Jennifer Saksa presents Bringing A Comic To Life With Photo Slideshow Software posted at NCH Software Blog— Bringing life and dimension to a story as a YouTube video clip.

RebeccaExpertmom presents How to Get a Book Published posted at Book Nerd – High Quality Book Reviews— You love to read books but your biggest dream is that others will read yours. If you have a manuscript for a book you can get it published in several ways.

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