Examples of Alternative Conflict

I called it “alternative conflict” in Monday’s post, but a better monicker might be “problem-free conflict,” because it pops up over and over again in literature, TV, and film. Usually, it’s used alongside the more traditional character problems. “But character problems cause conflict,” I hear you objecting. “How can you have conflict without character problems?” […]

Book Review: The Ruby Key by Holly Lisle

A couple weeks ago, the Little One and I finished The Ruby Key, a youth fantasy novel by Holly Lisle. As you can see, we gave our paperback quite a workout; it was brand new when we started. She—that is, the Little One—then collected 10 items from of the story for a “Book Bag,” a […]

Night Echoes by Holly Lisle Book Review

I just read Holly Lisle’s novel Night Echoes. I put up a quick video review of the book, which is below.

The Speed of Dark (Review)

I recently finished The Speed of Dark, by Elizabeth Moon. This is a futuristic science fiction story with a twist I like: a sympathetic character who is nothing like me.

Spotlight: Holly Lisle’s Website

Do you love good writing? Do you want to learn to write? Check out fantasy author Holly Lisle’s website.

Inexcusable (Review)

Beautiful does not mean wishy-washy. Today, I’m posting a rant. I don’t usually rant, but this is a story rant. And I’m fired up enough that I can’t concentrate on anything else until I get this out of my system. On the adbooks list, we’re discussing Chris Lynch’s novel Inexcusable. It’s a literary novel, with […]

Spotlight: A Certain Slant of Light (Review)

“Someone was looking at me, a disturbing sensation if you’re dead.” If I tried really hard, I might be able to find something wrong with this story. But why would I want to work that hard? After just finishing A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb, already I want to start over again from […]

Spotlight: Walk Two Moons (Review)

A review of Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech. When I first read the first chapter of Walk Two Moons, the Newbery Medal award-winning juvenile novel by Sharon Creech, I didn’t quite realize what I was getting into. You can read it yourself, preview the first chapter at Now after having read the whole […]

Ender vs. Anakin

Orson Scott Card’s classic award-winning novel Ender’s Game features Ender Wiggin, a six-year old boy genius who saves the world. Ender has superhuman talents that enable him to accomplish great feats, just like Anakin Skywalker from George Lucas’s Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. But unlike Ender, Anakin Skywalker is more cutesy than heroic […]

Spotlight: Ender’s Game (Review)

A review of Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. Andrew Wiggin prefers to be called Ender. He’s a six-year-old genius destined to save the world. He’s also a Third, that is the third child in a world in which it’s against the law to have more than two. The government made an exception with Ender, […]