Mini-review: A Good Woman, starring Helen Hunt

I was in the mood for a romantic comedy, something to make me giggle and at the same time to make me feel. What I came out with was a bit less romance, a bit less comedy, but a whole lot of feeling. A Good Woman, starring Helen Hunt, based on Oscar Wilde’s play Lady […]

A Writers’ Rant by Harlan Ellison

Thanks to C. E. Dorsett for putting me onto this YouTube video, a rant about how professional writers deserve to be paid. Hee! I so miss Harlan Ellison’s rants. Back in the day, when the SciFi channel actually had programming worth watching, he did a segment on a half-hour SF news show. I watched it […]

March of the Penguins… Again

The Discovery Channel has been advertising the “Oscar winning” film The March of the Penguins. The documentary has also won numerous other awards… Proof, by the way, that awards indicate nothing as to whether a movie is actually worth seeing. And just in case you think I might have been sucking on sour grapes, I […]

I’m Reed Fish Top-10 Review

(I originally posted this review of I’m Reed Fish at Alexis Bledel’s latest film I’m Reed Fish, also starring Jay Baruchel as the title character Reed Fish, actually came out on DVD on September 4. Netflix even sent me a copy, which I enjoyed immensely. But Amazon still has the I’m Reed Fish DVD […]

Kickin It Old Skool Bottom-10 Review

I rented Kickin It Old Skool, because it co-stars Aris Alvarado of Gilmore Girls fame, and I’m a huge Gilmore Girls fan. But I clearly could have done better. Maybe by watching grass grow instead of watching this movie. Kickin It Old Skool is the comedic story of one Justin Schumacher (Jamie Kennedy), who as […]

The Lake House Top-10 Review

The Lake House is definitely one of my all-time favorite movies. It’s marketed as a romance, but if I could make up any genre in which to place this film, I’d call it Romantic Sci-Fi, which I think is the best genre ever. I’m a big fan of intelligent romance–or any story that explores the […]

Featured at Carnival of Cinema XIII

Well, not so much “featured” as “listed first,” which is a form of being featured. My recent post “If You Think Sylvia Plath Was Crazy, Think Again” was the review listed first in Carnival of Cinema Epiosde XIII: Planet of the Bloggers. There are also some other interesting pieces in the Carnival of Cinema. So […]

If You Think Sylvia Plath Was Crazy, Think Again

If you’ve seen the movie Sylvia and you still don’t understand it, this may help. And if you haven’t seen the movie Sylvia, this will definitely help. The Gilmore Girls Fanatic recently mentioned how much she is enjoying learning about Sylvia Plath, one of the most mentioned cultural figures on Gilmore Girls. I almost heard […]

Spotlight: The Notebook (the movie) (Review)

Review of The Notebook, directed by Nick Cassavetes, based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks. An elderly woman (Gena Rowlands) stands, looking out of the nursing home window. An elderly man (James Garner) visits her. She doesn’t know him, but he clearly considers her an old friend. He reads to her a story from a […]

Spotlight: Smilla’s Sense of Snow (the movie) (Review)

A review of Smilla’s Sense of Snow, the movie. I first encountered this underappreciated sci-fi mystery flick when Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert gave it two thumbs up in 1997. Smilla’s Sense of Snow stars Julia Ormond and Gabriel Byrne and is based on the novel by Peter Høeg of the same name. And of […]