What Do Your Favorite Stories Give You?

Christine Macdonald yesterday posted on her blog a reminiscent piece about what Sex and the City gave her. Sex and the City not only gave me the gift of entertainment (wrapped in a bow of laughter and tears), it helped me see I was worth more and gave back a piece of myself I had […]

Here’s Why Rushing the Ending Would Save Gilmore Girls

As one fan put it to me recently, “I thought you would like to hear of the extremes that people love this show.” She then went on to describe a tattoo she was getting in honor of Gilmore Girls. And I thought I was a fanatic. But I believe it. Fans get involved in the […]

For the Love of Gilmore-isms

Update: The Gilmore-ism Database Project is now online at Gilmore-ism.com! “Either your signature or your brains are going to be on the contract.” Which Gilmore Girls character said that? In what episode? And what was he* talking about? * I use the pronoun “he,” because it’s convenient. But this doesn’t mean the character is a […]

Setting the Mood With Conflict

In a story, starting a fight is an easy way to make the mood tense. But conflict can do more than just make a story feel tense, suspenseful. Conflict engages the audience. It makes us sympathize with the characters and root for them. And it heightens other emotions in the story.

What Makes Gilmore Girls the Best Show on TV

When I read Michael Ausiello’s recent interview with Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino, two things impressed me. Not what’s going to happen to Gilmore Girls now that the show’s creators have left. Not who fans will blame. Not what will happen in the show’s storyline. What I noticed was about Dan and Amy: They’re passionate. […]

A Gilmore-Girls Spec Scene

As you know, I adore Gilmore Girls. Actually, I’m on the verge of creepy fanaticism. So I think I’ll resolve the April-Lorelai thing.

Gilmore Girls Saved My Day 2

(In case you haven’t read it, here’s part 1.) The girls were actually very nice to me when I said to them, “Daddy’s sick today, so can you quietly do your homework and let me just sit and watch TV?” They were quiet, but they did not do their homework. Parents understand the problems in […]

Gilmore Girls Saved My Day

Excuse number twenty-seven as to why I’m writing this Tuesday morning instead of having it done earlier: Yesterday was the worst day I’ve had in a long time. I woke up with a headache, but I still went to work and tried to get stuff done.

Spotlight: Gilmore Girls

When a friend of mine found out I liked Gilmore Girls, he said, “Really? What’s it about? It’s just a mother and daughter, right?” How does that represent what’s probably the best dramatic series on TV right now? Isn’t that like saying, “The Godfather is just another movie about organized crime”?