Self-Publishing for Fun and Profit

In yesterday’s post, I distinguished between the “indie author” and the “self-published author.” A reader named Wendy commented, with a question. This is a distinction that I originally got from Bob Baker, author of 55 Ways to Promote & Sell Your Book on the Internet. Bob got his self-publishing start with a book about indie […]

Aspiring Authors: Quit “Aspiring” and Just Do It Already!

“So what do you want me to do?” I can hear you quip. “Get published? Just like that? Sorry, buddy, I’m trying, but it just don’t work that way. Some things are out of my control.” Now, getting published may be a fine route to authorship. But this post is not about getting published. Trish […]

Are You Really Ready to Indie Publish?

Agent Kristin of the Pub Rants blog posted some of her comments on how hard it is to be self-published. Those are my words. She put it differently: Regardless of whether an author self-publishes or pursues traditional publishing, some writers just win the publishing lottery and their books become major successes. Kristin points out how […]

Craft Beer, Garage Bands, and Self-Published Authors

Craft Beer I’m not a beer drinker. But when I watched a recent Reason.TV video about craft beer, I wanted to become one. I’m not interested in YellowWater Light beer. I’m interested in the niche, microbrew beers, dark, stimulating, challenging, insightful. Craft beer, say the experts in the video, has “taken traditional styles and [run] […]