Carnival of Storytelling – May 26, 2011

Welcome to the May 19… uh… May 26, 2011 edition of Carnival of Storytelling.

There was no carnival last week, because there weren’t enough links submitted.

In unrelated news, I’m now publicizing this Carnival more. My plan is to solicit bloggers for submissions, put together an email list for bloggers who want to submit regularly, and post a weekly call for submissions. You can help, too. Share the Carnival of Storytelling submit link with your writer-blogger friends, and ask them to submit their favorite writing posts.

And if you’ve had trouble with the submission form at (or just would like an alternative), I’ve added instructions on how to submit via email. (Actually, via my contact form.) See the paragraphs at the bottom of this post for details.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a link at



Nicola Hans presents 15 Writers With Lives More Interesting Than Fiction posted at Bachelor’s Degree Online.

Art and Craft

O.C. Heaton presents Do you have a Memory Palace? posted at A Rush of Green, saying, “Here’s a question for all authors out there. Do you ever struggle to remember the characters in your books? What about those incidental characters, created on the hoof? Try creating a Memory Palace: a technique the ancient Greeks used as a simple mental technique of associating numbers, names or objects with vivid visual imagery in order to remember them more easily.”

Joel Friedlander presents How to Get A New Perspective; Move the Furniture — The Book Designer posted at Joel Friedlander.

Writing Life

Fiction and True Stories

Publishing and Marketing


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