Carnival of Storytelling – June 2, 2011

Welcome to the June 2, 2011 edition of Carnival of Storytelling.

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Books etc.

Joe Manausa, MBA presents Defining Internet Squeeze posted at The Internet Squeeze, saying, “We have to continuously remind ourselves that we always have blinders on, and future solutions might not be found in a linear pattern from our current processes, rather a geometric growth might take us to the future in our industry. The Internet Squeeze is a book for the traditional brick and mortar business owner who needs to transition to a model that emphasizes interaction on the internet, and it is not too late for you.”

Art and Craft

Bryan Keithley presents The Setup-Payoff Model of Storytelling posted at Ascentive, saying, “In this week’s post we discuss Chekhov’s gun, the Setup-Payoff Model of storytelling, and how adhering to this model can make you a more satisfying storyteller.”

Whitney Carter presents Writing Fiction Reviews posted at Invisible Ink, saying, “This article is a guide to writing reviews on books of fiction.”

Writing Life

Fiction and True Stories

Byteful Travel presents The Wonders of Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park (From McWay Falls to Cliffs of Insanity) posted at Byteful Travel, saying, “Have you ever seen life thrive while it clings to wind-torn rocks that tower high over the planet’s largest ocean? …Today, you will, for today I tell the story of my visit to the breathtaking McWay Falls. After making my way south down the gorgeous State Route 1, we finally arrived at the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park within California’s legendary Big Sur region. This park was famous for having one of the only two tidefalls in all of Big Sur. So after parking, I opted to head north first, down the Waterfall Trail to see McWay Falls in all its glory… (TONS of high quality photos included)”

Mikaela Cowles presents The Bachelor’s Lasagna (that a woman will want to make too) | Baguette Taste – Wonder Bread Budget posted at Baguette Taste – Wonder Bread Budget, saying, “I believe food and life are inextricably linked. Separating the two for me would be like leading a bipolar life, which is why I write about them together. Stories and recipes are combined on my blog for a bite of life.”

Publishing and Marketing

Joel Friedlander presents Top 10 Best Resource Guides for e-Book Authors — The Book Designer posted at Joel Friedlander.

Marie Manandise presents “Guy! I am sooo lucky!” posted at


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Thanks so much for including my article, J. Timothy! I know people will enjoy my glimpses of the gorgeous McWay falls.

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