Online Fiction Tuesday #1

Most fiction is not worth reading, because 90% of everything is crap. This rule clearly applies to online fiction. Yet, I love to read a good story, and plenty of them are indeed published online. But it’s often hard to find them amongst the rest. Therefore, now wearing my editor’s cap, I present to you some online stories that I would categorize not-crap.



Not that I have anything against the fair sex, bit facts must be stuck to.

I sir, am a man.

[…] other news, over at Tim King’s blog, Be The Story, “Private Showing” has been decreed to not be crap.  High praise […]

OMG, Vijayendra. I knew this. I even remember seeing your picture on your website. Definitely not confusing. I honestly don’t know what happened there with my pronouns. But I’ve fixed it. Sorry about the mix-up.


[…] Online Fiction Tuesday #1 […]

It’s true that there is quite a bit of fiction out there that could use more work.

On the other hand, in some ways that makes it all the more rewarding when you find a real gem.

I’ve been updating my site,, with new content at least once a week and I very much hope that it falls in the latter category. 🙂

Dean, I’ve bookmarked your site, and I hope to read some of your stories. Maybe I’ll post a link to one of them, too. Thanks for the pointer.



I appreciate you stopping by for a look. You may also like the behind the curtain section of the site. It’s made up of thoughts about writing and life in general as it pertains to writers.



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