Online Story Tuesday

The Worst Story Ever (the MST3K version)

This past week, Frankie Diane Mallis did something very brave. On a dare, she posted an “absolutely horrid horrid horrid story ‘Untitled’ that I wrote in the 4th grade”… the MST3K version. Seriously, move over Plan 9. “Untitled” is so bad, it’s good. And her quips, taken from thats-not-polite years of experience— she had me […]

Online Story Tuesday: Ilker Drennan

Formerly “Online Fiction Tuesday,” I considered renaming it “Online Fiction (and Truth!) Tuesday” so that I could include true stories, too. But since that’s so long-winded, maybe “Online Story Tuesday” would be just as apropos. Doesn’t matter, as this post’s subject is a fictional story, “Ilker Drennan” by Donna Gagnon, posted recently at Every Day […]

Online Fiction Tuesday #2

I did one of these a long, long time ago. Now that I’ve been trying to post more, in general, on a number of my blogs, I thought I’d try again.

Online Fiction Tuesday #1

Most fiction is not worth reading, because 90% of everything is crap. This rule clearly applies to online fiction. Yet, I love to read a good story, and plenty of them are indeed published online. But it’s often hard to find them amongst the rest. Therefore, now wearing my editor’s cap, I present to you […]