Finding the Right Word: 7 Unusually Useful Online Word Tools

Because I’m a writer, when one of my friends can’t think of the right word for what they’re trying to say, they turn to me. “You’re a writer. What’s the word I’m looking for?” Hell if I know. What do I look like? A dictionary? God’s honest truth: as a writer, I can never find […]

New Writer’s Tools at Holly Lisle’s Site

Briefly, two new ebooks available at Holly Lisle’s site.

The Most Important Story Element

In the beginning, I was a software developer, not a writer. And if you’ve read any open-source documentation, you know how badly software developers write. So you know how wide a chasm I had to jump if I wanted to learn how to write fiction. The fiction bug first bit me in 2002, when I […]

Spotlight: Holly Lisle’s Website

Do you love good writing? Do you want to learn to write? Check out fantasy author Holly Lisle’s website.

Great Characters and How to Make Them

The are lots of great books and other resources to teach you how to make good fictional character, but my favorite step-by-step guide is Holly Lisle’s Create a Character Clinic. Here’s an overview of this tool, with an example character description as we go through it.