What Does Seduction Look Like?

Max, a young writer, asks: I am writing a story and need a visual description for a female “seductive” (if you know what I mean) antagonist. Or should I even describe her? I’ve seen that done well. This is actually one of my deeper characters. Hi, Max. The easiest answer I can think to give […]

5 Tips on Telling Backstory without Interrupting the Flow

A long time ago, in a post far away, Sara, a reader of this blog (at least back then she was; I don’t know whether she still is), asked in a post comment: “Do you have any ideas about how to incorporate backstory and the character’s thoughts into the story without interrupting the flow?” Accomplishing […]

Pulling Us Into Your World

The idea for this episode actually came from a question someone posed on a writer’s board. How do you write short descriptions that still give the full picture of the setting? This question of course was directed at writing literature. But the answer, the storytelling principle, carries into other media as well. Describing where your […]

Info Dumps Suck

This can be counted another Stupid Story Mistake. Summer posted at the Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas about a discussion between her, Jack Mangan, and Mur Lafferty about info dumps, long descriptive passages in the middle of a story, also called core dumps, expository lumps, death to the reader. Mur should visit us at be the […]

How to Moralize Without Getting Preachy

I mentioned in my review of Peanut Butter and Tofu on Jewish Rye that the play moralizes without getting preachy. The way to accomplish this feat is pretty simple, actually.