My Interview at The Writing Show

Paula B. at The Writing Show a couple weeks ago interviewed me about storytelling in video games. Here’s the podcast audio, and please check out the other fascinating interviews she has over at her site. The Writing Show is one of my favorite podcasts, and one of the few I listen to regularly. -TimK

Anatomy of a Story Game 2

This is part 2 of “Anatomy of a Story Game”. This week, we’ll complete the basic story design and discuss some implementation issues in various media.

Anatomy of a Story Game

What are story games, and how do they differ from other games? What about adventure games and interactive fiction? What are some of the issues that arise when writing story games? This is the first part of two episodes that explain story games and how to write them.

The Legacy of the Story Game

“A game is not a movie,” a sentiment regurgitated from time to time in the gaming world. It’s why I’ll probably never get along perfectly with—gack—gamers.

Of Stories And Wine

I was listening to Grape Radio, “where an enthusiasm for wine gets personal.” In a previous episode, someone had stated some opinions on wine, causing a firestorm of debate among listeners. That’s how I feel about stories.