The Center for Interact-a Huh?

This made me laugh so hard, I just had to post it. I was looking at “interactive advertising” via Google. (The reason why is a subject for another post.) And I found the Center for Interactive Advertising. On their web site, right at the top, here’s what they say— But first, a warning: Don’t try […]

Facts Tell, But Stories Sell

I know I’ve been preoccupied with life recently. So I thought I’d pass along this inspirational tale from Kim Klaver’s blog, “A blind man’s new words get new results.” I originally found it linked from Seth Godin’s blog. -TimK

“Show; Don’t Tell” Works for Ads, Too

Here’s another lesson the best advertisement writers learned a long time ago. Show; don’t tell. Writers will recognize that lesson as being one of the foremost rules of storytelling.

An Example of Real-Story Power

A quick follow-up to The Power of Your Personal Story: Steve Pavlina last night posted on his polyphasic sleep experience. Some say it can’t be done. Surely, Steve has unique expiences and perspectives on the subject. Still, I get a kick when he talks about people who “tell me that what I’ve already done is […]

The Power of Your Personal Story

One of the most successful blogs in the blogosphere owes its success to a great story. I’m referring to Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development Blog, which has grown over the past year from 86,000 visitors in February 2005 to a projected 715,000 this month. That’s almost 10 times. Google ads on the site, however, earn almost […]