On Plagiarists and “Real Writers”

Holly Lisle in her writing tips newsletter today wrote about plagiarism and being a “real writer.” I put “real writer” in quotes not for sarcastic effect. I put those words in quotes because those are the words Holly herself used, and I agree with them completely. She talks about some would-be aspiring authors, as it […]

Gotta Write Who You Are

In How To Write Page-Turning Scenes, Holly Lisle tells the story of a writer who lived SF. He decided to write a fantasy-comedy, just because he thought he could sell it. And sell it he did. And then he sold another one, and then again and again and again… ten titles. Except it made him […]

Yay! Juvie Fantasies and Major Online Writing Course

As of May 1st, prices are going up on Holly Lisle’s online career-survival course for novelists. Update: I’m just going through the first couple of walkthroughs Holly has so far added to How to Think Sideways. And all I can say is, “Wow!” Two important announcements that Holly Lisle posted on her blog last week: […]

Should You Always Avoid the Verb “To Be”?

A fundamental rule of style is that you should avoid the verb “to be,” preferring instead strong, descriptive verbs that show, rather than tell. As an example, instead of writing, “The light was bright,” you should prefer, “The light blinded her as a hot-white flame,” or some such. So every time you use am, is, […]

Book Review: The Ruby Key by Holly Lisle

A couple weeks ago, the Little One and I finished The Ruby Key, a youth fantasy novel by Holly Lisle. As you can see, we gave our paperback quite a workout; it was brand new when we started. She—that is, the Little One—then collected 10 items from of the story for a “Book Bag,” a […]

New Writer’s Tools at Holly Lisle’s Site

Briefly, two new ebooks available at Holly Lisle’s site.

Night Echoes by Holly Lisle Book Review

I just read Holly Lisle’s novel Night Echoes. I put up a quick video review of the book, which is below.

The Most Important Story Element

In the beginning, I was a software developer, not a writer. And if you’ve read any open-source documentation, you know how badly software developers write. So you know how wide a chasm I had to jump if I wanted to learn how to write fiction. The fiction bug first bit me in 2002, when I […]

Free Newsletter from a Long-time Published Author

I’m going to let you in on a brand-new, free writer’s resource that has really impressed me for the quality of tips, tricks, and sage advice it reveals. I want to let you in on this, because that’s what I do on this blog. Author Holly Lisle recently started a writer’s newsletter. Naturally, I subscribed, […]

Spotlight: Holly Lisle’s Website

Do you love good writing? Do you want to learn to write? Check out fantasy author Holly Lisle’s website.