11 Functions of Plot

I get the feeling that some critics vest too much importance in plot. They have a hundred criteria they use to disqualify a story. Is the plot original? Does it make sense? Is it too predictable? Are there any clichés? The thing is, you can create a 100% original plot that makes sense to someone […]

7 Flash-Fiction Turn-Ons (and 17 Turn-Offs)

PJ Kaiser suggested—probably because I’ve been doing weekly “#FridayFlash Favorites” posts—that I write about what catches my attention in a flash story, and what turns me off. I thought that was a pretty kewl idea, and I further decided to link to last week’s #FridayFlash stories (because they’re still fresh in my mind) in order […]

Be Careful About Happenstance

Happenstance can be a powerful source in a story. A well placed coincidence can provide that important opportunity to move the story forward. Just make sure happenstance doesn’t drive your story, or it’ll feel contrived.

The Birth of a Story Thread

Possibilities: Not only do they add complexity, they add suspense. In a plot-driven story thread, we explore all the possible plot options. In a character-driven story thread, we explore all the possible character interactions. Whether you do as an author, your audience will explore the possibilities.