What the End of Borders Means for Authors

First of all, a clarification: when right-wingers talk about “closing the borders,” this isn’t what they mean. The big news over the past week is that Borders Books is officially going out of business. Book lovers have expressed grief and dismay. One Borders fan called it “a case of internet outsourcing.” He’s not too far […]

The Novelist’s New Clothes?

They say that novelists write millions of manuscripts each year. I’m not sure what the exact number is. But I might believe any number between 1,000,000 and 25,000,000. Of these millions, less than 100,000 will make it to print. That’s when the real fun starts. Of those, only a fraction will end up on the […]

Getting Published Ain’t So Great, Either

As if to balance my post earlier this week about indie author pains, Mary DeMuth writes about 7 publishing myths on Novel Journey. She includes such myths as: You’ll get rich. (Most published authors earn little from sale of their books.) Rejection stops with a book contract. (Actually, it gets worse.) The publisher will market […]

How to Finish and Publish a Book

Finishing the book… A friend of a friend asked me the following questions: I am writing a book. I have finished the first half and just need some editing and advice as to how to orient the story so I can complete the second part. I would say, whatever else you do, finish writing the […]