Interview with Julie Carobini, “Beach-Lit” Author

I’m chatting here in my virtual living room today with Julie Carobini, author of what she calls “beach-lit” novels: Chocolate Beach, Truffles by the Sea, and—her latest—Sweet Waters. As always, what I say is in italic type, like this, and what Julie says will be in a plain font. Hi, Julie. Thanks for doing this […]

Literary Rambles: An Interview with Writer-Blogger Casey Mccormick

I was touched by this short interview with Casey Mccormick, the author of Literary Rambles, a blog about writing YA fiction. The interview went up a month ago at Beth Revis’s blog Writing It Out. In it, Casey talks about her blog and the features she provides through it, including a weekly “Agent Spotlight,” which […]

Interview with Humorist Kevin Cummings

I have the pleasure of welcoming humorist Kevin Cummings to today. Hello. As you can see, what I’ve written is in italics, and what he’s written is in normal type. Today, we’re going to talk about humor, about writing on a schedule, and about his new book Happily Domesticated, just released and hot off […]