The Worst Story Ever (the MST3K version)

This past week, Frankie Diane Mallis did something very brave. On a dare, she posted an “absolutely horrid horrid horrid story ‘Untitled’ that I wrote in the 4th grade”… the MST3K version. Seriously, move over Plan 9. “Untitled” is so bad, it’s good. And her quips, taken from thats-not-polite years of experience— she had me laughing so hard I thought I was going to suffocate.

Click here and offer Frankie some congratulations for her personal bravery in the face of almost-certain embarrassment.

(I’m going to dwell on it a while, before venturing to post any of my early crap. I don’t know if I have the moral fortitude.)


P.S. She’s giving away 6 advance reading copies (in 3 prizes). Enter the giveaway here. (Be sure to read Frankie’s instructions for how to enter!)


Thanks, Tim. That was a hoot.

Thanks, Jim. Glad you liked it. -TimK

Haha thanks for featuring my story (I think) and sooo glad it made you laugh as it did bc getting a laugh out of someone was the best I could hope for in this situation though I doubted I’d even get that since it sucked so hard blech!!! If you’re interested tagged also under Really Old Things I wrote–back in October I posted in 3 parts the fairy tale I wrote when I was 9 called Carol and the Future Fish–given the same commentary treatment.

Anyway post yours and do the commentary-its fun! Good luck!!!

I’ll think about it, Frankie. 🙂 See, you have the advantage of pulling something out from when you were little. I don’t know if I have anything that old, even in my memento box, but maybe I can find something from a few years ago on my computer.


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