10 Flash Fiction Writing Tips

Every writer who writes flash has one of these lists, even if flash is not his area of expertise. Even if he doesn’t write it down, he keeps it in the back of his mind. I tend to enjoy character-driven fiction, and I enjoy character-driven flash as well. You might think that flash offers too […]

10 Basic Character Needs

They say that effective story characters have problems, because problems mean conflict, and conflict makes for an interesting story. True enough. (See Wednesday’s post for a better explanation.) But what they don’t usually tell you is that all problems come from character needs. Or more precisely, from characters not getting their needs met. Like us, […]

11+ Ways to Say “He Smiled”

One of the banes of writing fiction is trying to find interesting ways to say ordinary things. And smiling is one of those. Everyone smiles. It’s built into our DNA to smile. We smile to show happiness, friendliness, or even to cover up how insecure we feel. And our characters smile, too, a lot. So […]

10 NaNoWriMo Tips

National Novel Writing Month rolls around every November. And I usually don’t participate, although I may this year. (I threatened to last year, but those plans fell through.) My beef is that a writer should be writing all year round, not just during the month of November. In general, I see little to be gained […]

I Wanna Write like Nora Roberts: 7 Tips for Prolific Writers

As you may know, I’ve never been able to get through a Nora Roberts novel. I’ve always gotten bored or otherwise lost interest. So then why would I say that I want to write like her? It’s not a joke. I seriously admire Nora Roberts as an author, even though her fiction is not for […]

New Writer’s Tools at Holly Lisle’s Site

Briefly, two new ebooks available at Holly Lisle’s site.