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How to Measure a Good Story

If a few people don’t hate you, you’re doing something wrong. Or at least that’s how writers ought to feel, instead of feeling that if someone hates their work, he hates them. We know that’s not reality, that a negative review of our work says nothing about us. Yet we pour ourselves into the stories […]

The Uselessness of Genres

In the latest episode of his podcast, Tee Morris tells a story about how he got into an argument over which genre one of Tom Clancy’s books “is.” The main feature of the podcast is a half-hour rant on James Frey. I’ve already commented on Frey. Tee, however, goes on as though Frey is the […]

EFF and Sony BMG Reach Preliminary Settlement over Flawed DRM

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) announced Thursday that it had reached a preliminary settlement with Sony BMG over their controversial CD copy-prevention software.

Sony BMG and That Darn DRM

No, not the XCP rootkit debacle. This time it’s MediaMax. But something comes to mind about those who fail to learn from history. Ars Technica reports, as Yogi Berra once said, It’s déjà vu all over again.

Free Culture

He was speaking of software, not stories. But with DRM and storyline patents now upon us, Lawrence Lessig might as well have been thinking about literature, film, and interactive media when he spoke at the O’Reilly Open Source Conference in July 2002. Actually, maybe he was. In this poignant, inspirational speech, he contends that copyright […]

Security, DRM, and Sony

On Distributing the Future, an O’Reilly Network podcast, the latest episode, “Security, DRM, and Sony,” is essential listening for podcasters and anyone who listens to CDs or watches DVDs.

Storyline Patents

Storyline patents: They’re real; they’re here; and they’re horrifying.