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Craft Beer, Garage Bands, and Self-Published Authors

Craft Beer I’m not a beer drinker. But when I watched a recent Reason.TV video about craft beer, I wanted to become one. I’m not interested in YellowWater Light beer. I’m interested in the niche, microbrew beers, dark, stimulating, challenging, insightful. Craft beer, say the experts in the video, has “taken traditional styles and [run] […]

The Myth of the Thick-Skinned Novelist

Some years ago, when I was a fledgling storyteller still puzzling through the basics of what makes a story work (or not), I frequented a certain writer’s forum, now defunct. One of the writers there made it very clear that when we critiqued his work, we should be positively nasty about it. He didn’t want […]

Literary Rambles: An Interview with Writer-Blogger Casey Mccormick

I was touched by this short interview with Casey Mccormick, the author of Literary Rambles, a blog about writing YA fiction. The interview went up a month ago at Beth Revis’s blog Writing It Out. In it, Casey talks about her blog and the features she provides through it, including a weekly “Agent Spotlight,” which […]

7 Things I Wish I Knew before Writing My First Book

This appears to be turning into a blog-meme of sorts. No one has (to my knowledge) tagged anyone else, but the topic does seem to be inspiring a chain of posts. Joanna Penn blogged back in April on 7 things she wish she knew before writing her first book. Then yesterday, Alexis Grant wrote about […]

How to Finish and Publish a Book

Finishing the book… A friend of a friend asked me the following questions: I am writing a book. I have finished the first half and just need some editing and advice as to how to orient the story so I can complete the second part. I would say, whatever else you do, finish writing the […]

How Much Does It Cost to Publish a Book?

This post was originally posted at my personal blog. A friend of mine emailed and asked: If you don’t mind me asking, how much did it cost you to publish your book (or your dad’s)? You seem to be doing all of the important things that subsidy presses do and probably at considerable savings. I’m […]

The Value of a Skillful Writer

A paragraph struck me while I was reading an open letter by Joss Whedon about the writers’ guild strike: Writers can be replaced, as we are constantly reminded. But so can companies. Power is on the move, and though in this town it’s been hoarded by very few, there are other companies with newer ideas […]

Fourteen-Day Screenplay Starts Saturday

Two Weeks, One Screenplay, Are You Up To The Challenge? It’s “the NaNoWriMo for screenwriters,” the 14-day screenplay, and it’s almost upon us, June 3 – 17, at 14DayScreenPlay.com. The challenge is to write a feature-length screenplay in just 14 days. Starting at midnight Saturday morning (June 3), ending before midnight Sunday morning (June 17)&mdashYes, […]

The Fourteen-Day Screenplay

As an aspiring screenwriter, have you ever felt left out by the aspiring novelists and their NaNoWriMo? What kind of a silly name is NaNoWriMo anyhow? No one can even pronounce it right! It’s much easier to pronounce “14-day screenplay,” and it rhymes! (Well, I guess “NaNoWriMo” would rhyme, too, if we could actually say […]

Short Stories for Success

Holly Lisle said something pretty profound on the latest episode of her podcast. She was talking about prologues, whether or not to include them, but the advice applies to writing in general: